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Extra Mile Heroes

Mary’s Magical Place
Hendersonville, Tennessee

Mary’s Magical Place is a playground designed and created to enhance the life of all citizens in Hendersonville. It is a place to gather and play regardless of physical abilities and has been especially designed for all citizens, children and adults with special needs, and people in wheelchairs.
Parkview Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County
Huntington, Indiana

The Boys and Girls Club offer a service to the youth of our community on a daily basis, giving over 300 families a safe place for youth to learn, play and grow during after school hours. While at the club, its members give our community hundreds of volunteer hours by improving our parks, the downtown, and participating in events.
Marilyn Blake
Barre City, Vermont

Marilyn was treasurer for the Barre Town Fire District and part of the Fire Department Auxiliary, providing coffee and food for the crew at major fires. She has been involved with the March of Dimes Walk-a-thons, served on the Board of Trustees for the Aldrich Public Library, and the Budget Committee for the Town of Barre. She chaired the Altrusa Club’s cookbook committee, which collected 175 pages of recipes from friends and members, creating a heritage keepsake cookbook still beloved and used by home chefs all around town. Always happy to support a good cause with her considerable talents in the kitchen, she quietly and cheerfully volunteers wherever help is needed and is truly an unsung hero of community service in Barre.
Tim Boultin
Barre City, Vermont

Chef and owner at Delicate Decadence, Tim uses the bakery as a platform for community connections and youth mentorship. Tim goes out of his way to hire struggling young people and train them in life skills, culinary arts, and how to be responsible adults in their community. He and his family have even opened their home to employees without a place of their own. Those he’s mentored have gone on to successfully graduate high school, serve in Americorps, join the National Guard, and find steady work both in and out of the culinary world.
Carol Day
Barre City, Vermont

Carol was very active in the Barre Merchants Bureau – later known as the Barre Partnership, serving as secretary, chairing fund raising promotions, and helping with downtown events. She was a longtime member of the Barre Altrusa Club.Carol has always enjoyed committee service work and all the people involved. She jokes that she can't say “no” and she can’t sit still!
Gary Hass & Deb Phillips
Barre City, Vermont

Deborah Phillips and Gary Hass have owned and operated The WORLD newspaper for over 43 years. As a community newspaper, they work closely with non-profits and special fundraisers to promote their events with advertising, articles and photos. One of the World’s long-time events is World Santa where they work with Salvation Army and the Central Vermont Rotary to provide coats, boots, hats and gloves to needy children in central Vermont.Gary is involved with the Central Vermont Rotary Club and the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Deborah isactive with the Independent Free Papers of America, Community Papers of New England, and the Vermont Press Association.
Kris Pavek
Barre City, Vermont

After 13 years working in behavior management in the Barre school system, Kris came back to the school as a full-time volunteer in the school garden. Over the course of four years, Kris took a plot of land that was “weeds and a dream” on the grounds of the Barre City Elementary and Middle School and turned it into a beautiful, productive vegetable and flower garden. Thanks to Kris’s efforts children have the experience of planting, caring for, and harvesting their own food for use in the cafeteria’s lunch program. She is currently working on a “Pathways to Accessibility” fundraiser that will make the BCEMS garden fully accessible to those with disabilities.
Connie and John Riffle
Weston, West Virginia

Connie and John Riffle took a field of grass, once an old playground where they played as youngsters, into a popular and well attended community park. The local hospital provided some grant money, but the effort has been made possible by their volunteerism and contributions from the entire community which includes lots of playground equipment.
Sheila Sayre and Fay Bell
Weston, West Virginia

Weston residents Sheila Sayre and Fay Bell, of the local beauty shop, have taken on the responsibility as volunteers to keep up the flower planters in town from repainting yearly to creating Christmas displays on them during the holiday season. Sheila is able to get volunteers and contributions to make our pretty little town.
Joe Jarrell
Weston, West Virginia

Joe Jarrell has turned a corner lot in Weston into the sweetest little pocket park that is used by a number of community groups throughout the year. He built a water house, four benches with a brick exterior path around it…he has kept the park mowed for years as well as putting flowers out in the center flower bed every year.
Sandy Shaw
Saco, Maine

Sandy has dedicated a large part of her life to making Saco a welcoming and thriving community. She has served on the School Union 6 Board, Planning Board, and more than 23 years as a member of our Conservation Commission working tirelessly to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations. Sandy has been an integral member of our community and we appreciate all of her contributions.
William Johnson
Saco, Maine

William “Bill” Johnson has served our community as a City Councilor, Mayor, Mayor Emeritus, and as a volunteer on countless community boards and organizations. Bill was instrumental in the creation of Saco Spirit, now known as Saco Main Street, an organization that has been an essential and critical player in continuing the success of our downtown. Bill has also dedicated a large portion of his life to ensuring that educational opportunities continue to be available to Saco students as well as Maine students pursuing a college education. Saco is the wonderful community it is today largely because of Bill’s efforts and commitment to the community.
Johanna Hoffman
Saco, Maine

Johanna Hoffman was the president of Saco Spirit, now known as Saco Main Street for many years. President does not begin to describe her involvement in ensuring downtown revitalization, promoting the arts, promoting historic preservation, and other civic projects. In addition to the work with Saco Spirit, Johanna was the chair of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission for many years and was instrumental in the creation of the Riverwalk trail in our downtown. Johanna’s dedication to our downtown is unparalleled and very much appreciated by all members of the community!
Rick Bannister
Westerville, Ohio

Rick Bannister formed "Neighborhood Bridges" in Westerville. This charity organization is about caring for people in the Westerville community. Neighborhood Bridges identifies specific needs in the community.....then fills them!
End Time Harvest Ministries
Maryland, Edmonston

The Town of Edmonston has participated in the “Extra Mile Day” for several years. This year in recognition of “Extra Mile Day”, Mayor Tracy Farrish Gant hosted a reception to recognize the many volunteers that help and assist our community. The Town recognized 16 volunteers that had provided over 4,000 hours of community volunteerism. In addition, Mayor Gant recognized one church and four businesses for going “the extra mile”. The pictures show youth volunteers from End Time Harvest Ministries and Mayor Gant recogning Kimberley Knox for her over 1,000 hours of volunteerism.
Kimberley Knox
Maryland, Edmonston

Mayor Gant recogning Kimberley Knox for her over 1,000 hours of volunteerism.
Brandi Tonkel
Rapid City, South Dakota

Brandi has given a voice to over 1,100 children who have been referred to her for possible abuse and the majority were referred for sexual abuse. Brandi is a forensic interviewer and works very hard to advocate for the children with the goal of getting the necessary information for the child without causing repeat trauma with multiple interviews.
Priscilla Noble
Rapid City, South Dakota

Priscilla has worked for the Career Learning Center for 21 years. She is able to give her customers renewed hope, confidence, and spirit. She sees every person she works with as being “wonderful” and seeks out the good in each and every client.
Doug Veerkamp, Doug Veerkamp Engineering
Placerville, California

Doug Veerkamp has made a big difference in Placerville through his volunteer work. Recently our Gold Bug Park needed some work done to add historic elements for display. Mr. Veerkamp volunteered time, equipment and materials to make the project possible.
Gordon Vicini (Joe Vicini, Inc.) and Jim Carter, (Carter Kelley Inc.)
Placerville, California

Gordon Vicini and Jim Carter are a great example of community members that can get things done. Recently Gordon and Jim were instrumental in getting construction under way for the new Boys and Girls Club facility in Placerville.
Christine Thiel, Committee Chair, Community Pride
Placerville, California

Community Pride is a volunteer committee that maintains and constructs community gardens and displays of art. The group raises their own money and volunteers their time to maintain community gardens throughout the City. Recently the committee promoted and assisted with fund raising for a new Monument Garden located on Main Street.
Dave and Cindy Brazelton, (Western Sign Company Inc.)
Placerville, California

For over twenty years Dave and Cindy Brazelton have provided manpower and equipment to decorate a two hundred and fifty foot Redwood tree to the delight of visitors to Downtown Placerville each holiday season.
Charley Basham, Committee Chair, Gold Bug Park Development Committee
Placerville, California

Charley and the Committee have gone to great lengths to work with City staff to promote and improve the visitor experience at Gold Bug Park and Mine.
Craig Dearing
West Jordan, Utah

On the list of individuals who’ve given of themselves in the service to our City, Craig Dearing would certainly be at the top. Craig has devoted more than 40 years to our community. He founded the Chamber of Commerce in 1986 and served as president until 2014. He formed the West Jordan Rotary Club in 1987 and was instrumental in starting the West Jordan Exchange Club in 2003 – and is still an active member in both these organizations today. Over the years, Craig has served on many committees, boards, and organizations. He’s helped chair city events and community improvement projects. Craig has not just served our city – he’s been an integral part of shaping it and guiding its progress while championing the ideal that no matter how large we grow, we will always be the “Home of the Good Neighbor.”
Bonnie Hutchings
West Jordan, Utah

Bonnie Hutchings is one of the original members of the Volunteers in Police Service program. She joined the newly organized unit in July of 2008 and splits her volunteer time between the victim advocate unit and the police department. As a victim advocate, Bonnie helps those in crisis get the help they need. She has also worked in the warrants units; assisted the training department with various assignments including new hire training assessments; participated in SWAT scenarios; and assisted with the Citizen Police Academy. Bonnie has a positive attitude, a willingness to help and a very compassionate spirit.
Jen Campbell
West Jordan, Utah

Jen Campbell recently served as the president of the West Jordan Exchange Club where they focus on child abuse prevention, patriotism, and instilling community pride. Under her direction, they raised funds for the Children’s Justice Center and also partnered with Dannon to provide scholarships to local students who had excelled in the face of adversity. She is the director of South Valley Services, a domestic violence shelter that provides safe shelter; resource and referral services; and self-sufficiency programs for survivors of domestic violence. She has helped open two community resource centers in West Jordan City Hall and Riverton and works continually to strengthen the relationship between South Valley Services and law enforcement.
Melissa Worthen
West Jordan, Utah

In both her personal and professional lives, Melissa Worthen looks for ways to strengthen the community. She is the driving force behind the City Journal’s community foundation; spearheads the annual Spelling Bee; serves as the liaison with Mascots for Miracles; helps with a fundraiser for the Rape Recovery Center; helps coordinate the Pumpkinpalooza event; serves on the Chamber of Commerce's Women In Business Council; and much more. Melissa goes the extra mile and our community is better because of it.
Al Richards
West Jordan, Utah

Al Richards is always smiling and giving back to the community. Whether it’s through volunteer service on a city committee like the Healthy West Jordan Committee or the Western Stampede Committee or raising money for the police department’s Peer Support Program, Al is willing to give his time and talents for a good cause. He also serves as the Chamber of Commerce’s member relations ambassador and is a great asset to our business community.
Shannon Jackson, Elton McEntire, Oliver Sperin and Christopher Thompson
Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Shannon Jackson, Elton McEntire, Oliver Sperin and Christopher Thompson are commended for their aid in helping the residents of the city of Starke, Florida, after Hurricane Matthew hit this area. The crew worked from daylight to dark each day. They were working in difficult circumstances, but worked until the job was completed. I appreciate the willingness of these workers to volunteer for this duty, knowing that they would be leaving their families to aid others. It is an honor to be the Mayor of the City of Lawrenceville because of the dedication of the employees of the City of Lawrenceville." - Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson
Laurel Schneider
Hamden, Connecticut

Laurel Schneider began volunteering at Keefe community Center in March 2016 and has since performed over 100 hours of volunteer service. Laurel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and has worked in Project Planning and Contracts Administration and wanted to give back to the community. She has performed administrative duties, assisted with food pantry distribution, and assisted in the computer lab with Hamden Youth Services and Community Services. Laurel recently accepted a part-time position as Job Developer with the Hamden Adult Education Pathways to Work Program and also continues as a volunteer.
Lucas Alexander
Hamden, Connecticut

Lucas Alexander began volunteering in Hamden Youth Services three years ago and has accomplished over 100 hours of volunteer service. Due to his hard work and dedication to the Hamden Farmers Market this year, Lucas received the Lead Volunteer Role. Lucas Alexander truly loves his volunteer activities and is motivated by a challenge. He greatly admires U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and aspires to devote his life to public service. Lucas is a Hamden resident entering his freshman year at Hamden High School. Lucas enjoys music, history and writing. Hamden Youth Services looks forward to future motivational endeavors with Lucas Alexander.
David Lewis
Hamden, Connecticut

David Lewis is the Captain of Hamden’s Civilian Emergency Response Team. Hamden’s CERT has provided logistical support to the CT Special Olympics, Hamden Chamber of Commerce, Hamden Youth Service Bureau, Hamden Parks & Recreation, Town Center Park Commission, Hamden Arts and Veteran’s Commissions, as well as the Hamden Volunteer Firefighters. Mr. Lewis is an integral part of these support operations, and without his leadership many events held throughout Hamden would not be possible.
Mayor Marti Shamberger
Morgantown, West Virginia

"I have had great examples throughout my life of people who 'go the extra mile.’ These are individuals who give of themselves without the expectation of being recognized. Acts of kindness, treating people with dignity, and being a voice for those who need help are a few of the actions I witness daily. I believe through these actions we are leaving our world a better place."
Mayor William J. Barlow, Jr.
Oswego, New York

“The strong sense of community we have in the City of Oswego is one of many reasons our residents choose to live here and in my case, the single biggest reason I returned to Oswego after attending college out of state. I urge our residents to further strengthen that sense of community on November 1st and ‘go that extra mile’ and show the rest of the region why Oswego is a friendly and community oriented City.”
Robert Harper and Patrick Harper
Canton, Ohio

When Bob and Pat Harper heard that the City of Canton did not have the financial means to put on the fireworks display for Independence Day at the William McKinley Monument, they stepped up and rallied the community to back the celebration. Bob and Pat raised approximately $33,000 in donations they sought from major corporate residents and individuals. Without the Harpers, the skies of Canton would have been dark for the fourth. With their help, and the amazing outpouring of support from donors large and small, the city was able to celebrate Independence Day together with the traditions many have grown to love.
Ralph F. Page
Norwich, Connecticut

Mr. Page had served on Norwich’s Commission on The City Plan for 37 years and served as Chairman for 31 years. He also served on the Inland Wetlands, Water Courses and Conservation Commission for 37 years. This is a Norwich resident that decided long ago he would donate his time and talents to improving our City and moving her forward. He has utilized his architectural background to ensure that new projects in the City comply with our Plan of Conservation and Development. In 1990 he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution for the Protection of the Environment. He is a Justice of the Peace and has traditionally provided transportation for the elderly and disabled citizens to the polling locations.
Mayor Joseph Ganim
Bridgeport, Connecticut

"Going the extra mile is putting the needs of others before your own. It means doing far more than what is simply required; and standing up for something you believe in – even when it is not the popular thing to do. It requires passion, humility and strength. It may start with one person but its effects inspire a whole community. The hardworking individuals and organizations that have gone the extra mile in Bridgeport have each in their own way raised the quality of life in our city, and we are forever grateful for their efforts."
Louis L. Reed
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Louis L. Reed serves as the (volunteer) Program Manager of the Mayor's Initiative on Reentry Affairs (MIRA) for the City of Bridgeport. He has a great deal of passion for his community and has committed his life to empowering and coaching those in need of targeted re-entry services. He addresses the needs of returning citizens challenged with the difficulties of facing imprisonment, being imprisoned, and/or re-entering into society. Louis provides exemplary life coaching, re-entry, and recovery-based services to individuals who "are in need of mobilizing their inner resources and tapping into greater potential to live a more purposeful life." Louis' background and credibility allows him to connect and develop trusting relationships with our returning citizens. He has made over referrals that ensured his participant's access to resources, supportive services and employment opportunities - which for so many have been life changing.
Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust (BNT)
Bridgeport, Connecticut

BNT is a private, nonprofit, community base organization that develops affordable housing with 1/3 of its Board representing the low-income community it serves. BNT's mission is to lead, empower and change Bridgeport neighborhoods by improving quality of life through affordable opportunities, healthy homes and comprehensive home ownership counseling. In addition, they make every effort to hire those that may need a Second Chance in life.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Aerotek is an employment agency that has provided support and employment opportunities for the Mayor's Initiative on Reentry Affairs (MIRA), which addresses various needs of Bridgeport residents returning to the community from correctional facilities. Aerotek has displayed a willingness to work with people in need of a Second Chance. They have been committed to providing employment opportunities that assist out residents with becoming productive members of the Bridgeport community while providing opportunities to work and support their families and community.
LifeBridge Community Services
Bridgeport, Connecticut

LifeBridge Community Services is a nonprofit organization that provides a "holistic service approach and has a positive impact on the quality of life and economic health of the Bridgeport community. LifeBridge programs that influences economic empowerment, behavioral health, social enterprises and youth services.
Joe Carbone
Bridgeport, Connecticut

President and CEO of The Workplace: Mr. Carbone has worked feverishly to make a difference in the Bridgeport community by bringing resource and funding to impact our community though an entrepreneurial approach on workforce and economic development pursuits. Joe's ability to leverage resources and access funding has provided a comprehensive framework of services for Bridgeport residents including, but not limited to programs serving the long-term unemployed, mature workers and returning citizens.
Mayor Harry LaRosiliere
Plano, Texas

“We have what we call the Plano Promise and one tenant of the promise is: Our community will nurture our children. This year we witnessed an outpouring of support in our third annual peanut butter drive. Our citizens exceeded last year’s collection by over 100% and donated 26,000 pounds of peanut butter to support our children and ensure they are fed.”
Barbara Fantoni
Barre City, Vermont

Barbara Fantoni’s service began in the 1940’s with Girl Scouts, and continued for the next seven decades to include PTO, Cub Scouts, Home Dem and the East Barre Congregational Church. Her projects include making small quilts for those in need and making pies to sell for the benefit of the fire dept.
Lucas Herring
Barre City, Vermont

Lucas Herring’s community service includes five years as a Barre City Councilor, seven years of service on various school boards, and accomplished terms of service on the boards of the Barre Partnership, Vermont Granite Museum, the Vermont State Employees’ Association, and the American Legion in Vermont, reading tutor with Everybody Wins!, coaching and player statistics for the Barre Youth Sports Association, and cooking for the Hedding Methodist Church community Christmas dinner.
Charlie Livendale
Barre City, Vermont

Charlie Livendale is a member of the Lions Club, where he’s active with the club in all fundraisers, including the Christmas tree sales and the annual Haunted House. He also regularly collects eyeglasses from local opticians for Lions Club International. Since 2004 Charlie has also helped his wife Linda with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Together they form a team each year in their son’s memory for the Out of the Darkness Walk, through which they have raised more than $76,000 for suicide prevention.
BARRE Rotary Trash Pickers
Barre City, Vermont

Every Thursday evening (while weather allows), you can see the Barre Rotary Trash Pickers in their brightly colored safety vests going through downtown wielding tongs and trash bags. The ten members of the Trash Pickers estimate that they’ve picked up 7,124 gallons of garbage from the streets of Barre since they started five years ago. Having less trash around may be part of why foot traffic is increasing, and the pickers do report that they see a lot more people walking around downtown Barre in the evenings now than when they started.
Hickory Kiwanis/Kiwanis Club of Western Catawba County
Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory Kiwanis/Kiwanis Club of Western Catawba County were instrumental in fundraising efforts for the splash pad at Kiwanis Park/Zahra Baker Playground. To commemorate their 100th Anniversary they set their goal to raise $100,000 to be used for construction of the splash pads. This was in addition to their role previously in the Zahra Baker All Children’s Playground.
Charles “Charlie” Dixon
Hickory, North Carolina

Mr. Charles Dixon practiced law for more than 60 years in Hickory. He was recognized as a key leader in the community serving professionally and personally in an unsurpassed manner. Mr. Dixon served on the Bond Implementation Commission until his passing on July 5, 2016.
Bond Implementation Commission
Hickory, North Carolina

The Bond Implementation Commission is an advisory board to City Council on the bond projects, budget, timeframes and more. The primary projects are the City Walk, Riverwalk, Streetscapes and Gateways in which they have, and continue to dedicate a considerable amount of time to meetings, planning, and fruition of the projects.
Friends of Hickory
Hickory, North Carolina

A non-profit group, Friends of Hickory collaborated with representatives from Lowe’s Food, CommScope, and Corning as well as additional donors to transform a parking lot into a new community gathering space. The park will contain unstructured play equipment, outdoor seating, and a splash pad. It will also feature pottery, mosaic tile, a music section, toddler area and bicycle repair stand.
Mary Ellen Cox
Arnold, Missouri

Mary Ellen Cox is the Executive Secretary to the Mayor and City Administrator here in Arnold. Her work never ends. She puts in countless hours for the City, Council, all Departments, and whoever needs help. She won the “Mayor’s Appreciation Award in 2015” for her outstanding work.
Bill Knittig
Arnold, Missouri

Bill Knittig is the head of our Aging and Disabilities Commission here in Arnold. He has been the chair person for the last 13 plus years. Bill does so much for our aging citizens in the community and his work is paramount. He takes care of all paperwork and makes sure that we have the latest Governor’s Council on the Legislative Update each year. During the last two years he has worked on a Strategic Plan and now has it an almost final stage. The City of Arnold is so lucky to have someone of his talents.
Teresa Kohut
Arnold, Missouri

Teresa Kohut is the Recreation Center Supervisor for the City of Arnold. Teresa heads up our Recreation Center, oversees planning, design, implementation and management of recreational programs, activities and special events in the areas of adults and youth services. She is in charge of “Our Arnold Days” that is held in September each year. During the flood of 2015/2016 Teresa made sure that all Public Works members, the team from the FEMA Organization, the National Guard, all employees of the city of Arnold, and building inspectors from various other cities that were here to help were all fed three meals a day. She not only called our city businesses to donate food, but went to pick up each meal and served everyone. Everyone needs an employee like Teresa. Teresa won the Mayor’s Appreciation Award in 2014 for her outstanding work on the “Memorial Garden” plus other work at the 911 Memorial that is held each year on September 11th.
Omar Ruiz
Arnold, Missouri

Omar Ruiz is a Police Officer in our Detective Bureau who goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every day. He worked countless hours heading up our emergency operation during the horrific flood during New Year’s Eve on December 2015 and during the next months ahead. He is always there to help with whatever is asked of him and never any complaint.
Mayor Mark W. Eckert
Belleville, Illinois

“The service and volunteer spirit of Belleville’s organizations and citizens are a testimony to the mission of the Extra Mile Foundation.”
Mayor Derek Easterling
Kennesaw, Georgia

A friend of mine tells everyone he meets, “If you want something different, you have to do something different.” Change often requires you to go the extra mile to achieve a successful outcome and is created only through involvement and commitment to a purpose. What is your purpose? Won’t you join the City of Kennesaw in going the distance, one mile at a time, to make the world we live in a little better. See you at the finish line …
Mayor Jeff Longwell
Wichita, Kansas

“We have so many outstanding organizations, businesses and individuals in Wichita who go the extra mile every day. There is an energy of possibility in Wichita thanks to all of the great efforts to make Wichita the best it can be.”
Bonnie Cheatwood, Chamber Executive Director and Volunteer
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Since 1986, Bonnie has served the City of Midwest City. Her volunteer work includes memberships on the Tinker Leadership Community Council; the Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) Community Council; the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments Regional Transit Dialog Steering Committee; the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Executives (OCCE);and the Midwest City Economic Development Commission. She formerly volunteered as a board member of The Mid-Del Group Homes; the Tinker Air Force Base CommStar and Community Liaison Partner programs; the Oklahoma Honor Flights Committee; and is a Leadership Midwest City Alumni.
Vaughn Sullivan, Public Works Director
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Vaugh Sullivan, Midwest City Public Works Director, has served the City of Midwest City, Oklahoma since 1992 in both volunteer work and as an employee. His involvement spans from giving of himself through his local church to assisting with City-wide events such as the annual Tribute to Liberty. For his dedication to the community and “greater good,” the Mayor and City are grateful to Vaughn and wish to extend a huge thank you.
Hazel Craddock, Citizen and Volunteer
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Hazel Craddock, Midwest City’s “Mother Nature,” has volunteered with tenacity and unfailing commitment on the Park and Recreation Board from 2006 through 2014, and on the Tree Board from 1998 until2014. She celebrated her 100th birthday this year. During her time on the boards she campaigned and became a crusader for the betterment of the citizens of Midwest City as she dedicated ten years toward the conception, funding and building of both the Soldier Creek Nature Trail and Memory Laneand was able to get many organizations in the community to donate time to help clear paths and do some of the manual labor for the projects, including a team of volunteers that worked to fund the project by collecting donations, holding fundraisers and applying for grants.
Mrs. Tjajuan Boswell
Columbus, Mississippi

Tjajuan Boswell is a dedicated volunteer who spends many hours with the Public Works Department to help beautify Columbus, Mississippi. When you enter Columbus, Mississippi, in either direction, you will see evidence of her love for the city’s landscape by the many beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. Not only does she make sure that one sees the beauty at the entrances to the city, but her work is seen throughout Columbus. She is the “Rose of Columbus."

Here is a picture of Mrs. Boswell and Mayor Robert E. Smith, Sr.
Mayor Tony Yarber
Jackson, Mississippi

“On behalf of the City of Jackson, It is an honor to be a part of your efforts to encourage all to “Go the Extra Mile.” As a leader, I have always been a large proponent of positive collective genius and collaborative impact that will push communities to do and be the very best they can, to create change that will better the world. Your organization helps to push these efforts. Let’s all, together, go the extra mile in service.”
Arleen Hubble
Longview, Washington

Arleen Hubble has played a major role planning the annual Go 4th Festival Parade for 30 years and has served as the Executive Director for 10 years, taking care of every aspect even down to the smallest, caring detail of creating and sewing the banners that draped over Nichols Avenue. She is also a long-standing member of the Longview Downtowners and has organized the Longview Christmas Parade for over 30 years. The project spearheaded by Arleen was that of installing additional lighting outlets at the Civic Center so that more Christmas lights could be displayed and enjoyed by all. Other honorable mentions: Survivor Chair for the annual Relay For Life for over 14 years and coordinator for the American Cancer Society Reach To Recovery team—they are responsible for matching Breast Cancer Survivors with newly diagnosed Breast Cancer patients.
Sarah Wallace
Green River, Wyoming

Sarah has done an outstanding job getting the business community involved with our program again. She works tirelessly to gather volunteers and organize events and has managed several successful downtown promotions.
Mike Frink
Green River, Wyoming

Mike is the “Go To” guy. He is always ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done to make sure our events are successful. He gives countless hours of his personal time to downtown revitalization and is a standout leader in our organization.
Captain Gary Wallace, Middletown Police Department
Middletown, Connecticut

Captain Gary Wallace does everything in his power to help people; he is the consummate servant leader, always thinking of others and in the process helping others. Captain Wallace serves the Middletown, Connecticut Police Department with integrity and dedication. In addition to faithfully performing his duties in law enforcement, Captain Wallace also gives back to the following organizations: The North End Action Team, Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council, Gilead Community Services, St. Luke's Community Services, The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, CT Chapter, and the American Legion Post 75 War Veterans. In Captain Wallace’s own words: “I learned many years ago that service to community is the most important thing that any one person or agency can offer. It often times only requires compassion, a little bit of time, and sacrifice.”
Mayor Daniel T. Drew
Middletown, Connecticut

"Going the extra mile means doing more than is required for the right reasons when no one is looking."
Mayor John Suthers
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“As Mayor of Colorado Springs, I call on all citizens of our community to look for ways to contribute to its success. Whether it’s volunteering to help beautify our city, to improve our trail system, to pick up trash or cut weeds, to mentor our youth, to assist our sick or elderly or to support the arts, there are unlimited opportunities to become involved in making our community, our nation and our world a better place. If each one of us maximizes our personal contribution to community, imagine the difference we could make!”
Wayne Syth
Hayden, Idaho

Mr. Wayne Syth is a true example of someone who goes the extra mile to serve his community. Over the past 30 plus years, he has given many hours of his time in a variety of roles, starting with his role as Hayden’s mayor from 1982 to 1983. Mr. Syth has gone on to volunteer his time as a commissioner on the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission since 2000 and the Chair of the Veteran’s Commission since 2008. Mr. Syth goes out of his way to volunteer his time to make our community a better place and to recognize and honor our military veteran population by leading the City’s Memorial and Veteran’s Day.
Franklin Farm
Cumberland, Rhode Island

Franklin Farm should be recognized for its passion for community outreach and helping others. Forty-three acres of land surrounding the house, including the community garden that’s planted annually, is a tremendous benefit to community food banks. Since 2007, volunteers have harvested 182,844 pounds of crops for community food banks. The farm has also hosted hundreds of school children in outdoor learning plant days.
Dixie Garrison, Principal
Eric Price, Vice Principal
Lucia Evans, Special Education Teacher
Detective David Hood, West Jordan Police Resource Officer

West Jordan, Utah

On October 14th as students were warming up during gym class at West Jordan Middle School, 14-year-old Skyler Nelson’s heart stopped and he collapsed to the ground. Principal Dixie Garrison quickly arrived on scene and sent a radio call out to the office to dial 911. Vice Principal Eric Price and the school’s resource officer, Detective David Hood, promptly began CPR, while Special Education Teacher Lucia Evans kept Skyler’s airway open and monitored his vitals. Thankfully, Mr. Price had completed a refresher CPR course just 10 days earlier and knew exactly what to do. Their quick thinking saved Skyler’s life. Skyler was born with a heart defect that caused his heart to stop. He recently underwent surgery to install a defibrillator to get his heart beating should this happen again. Thanks to their quick thinking, heroic action, and appropriate training, Skyler is expected to make a full recovery.
Sharon Thomas, Midwest City Animal Shelter Volunteer
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Sharon Thomas has dedicated her life to helping others and in particular animals. She has been a faithful volunteer for the Midwest City Animal Sheltervolunteering anywhere from 20-30 hours every week including assisting us during evening hours.She will feed animals, help answer the telephones and assist customers when we are short-handed, and evenroll her sleeves up and help clean.Her “going the extra mile” work ethic has made her an integral part of our organization. Sharon’s passion drives her to be at every adoption outreachand has donated thousands of dollars to our shelter to assist with desperately needed projects at our facility. “Volunteers with the dedication that Sharon displays are very hard to come by and we are extremely thankful and appreciative of the help and support she brings the Midwest City Animal Shelter; and in-turn, many animals owe their lives to the support she has given us.” (Adrian Sanders, Animal Welfare Supervisor)
Barb Young – North Salina Community Development Group
Salina, Kansas

Barb has been the president of the north Salina Community Development Group for the past 4 years. Barb has led NSCD from a small group of concerned citizens wanting to improve living conditions for north Salina residents, to a grass-roots, non-profit organization that has contributed to several “community building” projects such as: Two north Salina planning and visioning workshops, a community engagement collaboration with KSU Salina, Kansas Wesleyan University, and Salina Tech, “Fe for the Cure” sponsorship, many Fall and Spring clean-up events, food distribution, farmers markets, food trucks, and the effort to have a neighborhood grocery store open on East Iron. As president of NSCD, Barb also coordinated efforts for many beautification projects in north Salina, notably, the Five-Corners sculpture and rain garden, landscaping and sculpture on North Santa Fe at Chuck’s Bar, and the landscaping and sculpture project in progress at Hawthorn Park. Barb can often be seen driving a front-end loader the extra mile!
Brenda Gutierrez – Salina Area United Way
Salina, Kansas

a.k.a. “Ms. Everywhere,” Brenda has a way of being anywhere something good and positive is happening. Brenda is a strong advocate for many things including: Summer meals and reading for kids, early childhood development, farmers markets and food advocacy, many north Salina projects, quality and equitable bus services (City-Go fifth route, etc), and many more. Brenda cheerfully goes the extra mile!
Barb Goode – Kansas State University Pollution Prevention Institute
Salina, Kansas

If there were a “burning the extra midnight oil” award, Barb would win it! Barb is simply the go-to person for many who are looking for help finding grant dollars or other funding sources, large or small, with limited information and usually on a tight deadline. Some of the efforts that have benefited in large part to Barb’s efforts are: EPA planning consultants for north Salina, rain barrels, radon detection, sustainability and pollution prevention, food security and advocacy, farmers markets, north Salina, etc. Barb tirelessly goes the extra mile!
Greater Salina Community Foundation
Salina, Kansas

The vision of GSCF has been “to multiply the impact of charitable giving by connecting community members, non-profits and other partners to look forward to a brighter future.” The foundation is currently the largest community foundation in Kansas, serves the needs of hundreds of non-profits, initiatives and funds throughout greater Salina and north central Kansas. The staff and donors of the GSCF consistently go the extra mile!
Volunteer Connection
Salina, Kansas

Whether it be a fall fix-up, Spring Spruce-up, or a need for 2-3 volunteers for a small event, the Volunteer Connection can always be counted upon to provide cheerful, willing workers for community projects. The work of the Volunteer Connection helps provide opportunities for residents of Salina to “go the extra mile” in service to our community through volunteerism. The staff, board and army of volunteers at the Volunteer Connection continually go the extra mile!
Volunteer Connection
Salina, Kansas

Mayor Jon Blanchard
Salina, Kansas

Paul Peterson
East Peoria, Illinois

Paul Peterson has been a resident of East Peoria since 1955. Mr. Peterson has been planting, watering and maintaining a triangle median at the intersection of Illini Drive and Highview Road for 30+ years! The neighbors near this intersection have supported Mr. Peterson’s efforts by donating the flowers planted there by him. The City of East Peoria recognized Mr. Peterson at the September 29th City Council meeting with a proclamation and also changed the name of the Beautification Commission’s Bright Spot Award to the PAUL PETERSON BRIGHT SPOT AWARD. The Beautification Commission also installed permanent sign at the location where Mr. Peterson has been taking care of the flowers.
Susan Lagerman
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Susan is the Brown County Library Communications and Programming Manager. She expertly coordinates all of the library services and programs, provides direction to the youth services team and manages the bookmobile and administration staff. She also serves as the president of Literacy Green Bay, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping adults and families acquire the reading, writing, math, English language, computer, and workforce skills they need to function effectively as workers and community members.
Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, lead by Executive Director Cora Haltaufderheid
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Habitat for Humanity has embarked on a number of impressive activities over the last year, including 2 story home construction, plans for Twindominiums, and a successful Repurpose for a Reason event. Their creative and inspirational approach is improving Green Bay neighborhoods and improving the lives of the families using their housing product.
Baird Creek Preservation Foundation, lead by Executive Director Maureen Meinhardt
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Baird Creek Preservation Foundation is responsible for facilitating the preservation and restoration of the Baird Creek Watershed in order to enhance its value as an ecological, recreational, and educational resource for generations to come. From invasive species removal to controlled burns to trail restoration, this group is doing a marvelous job maintaining the Baird Creek Parkway.
Breakthrough Fuel, Lead by Craig Dickman and Doug Mueller
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Over the last year, Breakthrough Fuel has expanded its operation to include additional space in the renovated Backstage at the Meyer. This space is in addition to their beautiful offices in the former Chamber of Commerce Building. One look around their offices and you can see why they are extremely successful in attracting creative, young talent.
Representative David Steffen
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Representative David Steffen was elected to the Wisconsin assembly in 2014, but his impact is already being felt in Madison. Representative Steffen has worked heroically on responsibly returning the excess stadium sales tax to the municipalities in Brown County. Sending this money back to the municipalities, rather than let it sit in an account for decades doing nothing, was the right thing to do.
Palm Bay, Florida Heroes
Palm Bay, Florida

The City of Palm Bay is privileged to benefit from the steadfast work of our Volunteer Citizens on Patrol (VCOP) program. Over the years, we have heavily relied on the dedication and perseverance of our citizen volunteers as they lend a helping hand to our Palm Bay Police Department. Collectively, our VCOP volunteers have provided over 20,000 hours of community service on countless projects. Their selfless service in conducting home security checks allows peace of mind for residents away on travel, and their ability to complete traffic crash reports enables our officers to remain on patrol and more fully serve the community. The work of our VCOP volunteers never goes unnoticed, and we are truly grateful to have them. (Please see succeeding posts to introduce our Extra Mile Day Heroes in Palm Bay, Florida.)
Carlos Checker
Palm Bay, Florida

Carlos Checker, director of the VCOP program, is an outstanding citizen who has contributed over 862 volunteer hours to the program. Mr. Checker goes on to epitomize volunteerism by additionally serving as the Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT) coordinator, a program supporting police officers during critical incidents. He is always readily available during a crisis and manages the Disaster Communications Services, which provides HAM radio services when police radio systems go down. Aside from his multiple leadership positions, Carlos plays a vital role in the success and growth of the program, working diligently to recruit a diverse group of volunteers.
Sam Swan
Palm Bay, Florida

Sam Swan, operations supervisor of the VCOP program, continually demonstrates astonishing generosity and an unwavering willingness to give back to the community. As of 2015, Swan has volunteered 1,035 hours, and continues to seek additional opportunities to serve within the VCOP program. Paying meticulous attention to detail, Swan is responsible for training and scheduling VCOP personnel and patrols. As the City of Palm Bay continues its rapid growth rate, we cannot thank Sam enough for his dedication and success in staffing our community events.
Leeta Jordan
Palm Bay, Florida

Leeta Jordan, coordinator of training and staffing for the Palm Bay Police Department, is a woman of many talents. Whether arranging fingerprinting for our community events, or adding floral décor to our buildings, we can always count on Jordan. She has volunteered 817 hours within the Palm Bay Police Department and continually seeks areas in which she can lend a helping hand. Serving as a role model for our upcoming youth, Jordan coordinates all the educational tours of the Palm Bay Police Department. More recently, Jordan has extended her creative skills by leading the department’s beautification program, where she refinishes old furniture within the building and adds a floral touch.
Leon Martin
Horn Lake, Mississippi

Mr. Martin is one of the biggest cheerleaders we have in this city. He participates in everything the city does and is a major force behind our “Keep Horn Lake Beautiful”. We see him picking up trash throughout the city no matter what the weather is. He also volunteers regularly at a local food pantry. Everything he does is with a smile and warm greeting for everyone.
Pat Jarvi
Whitefish, Montana

Pat served over 25 years as a librarian for all three schools in the Whitefish School District and served on the Whitefish School District Board of Trustees for over 15 years. She contributed countless hours on school committees and in the Whitefish community, always working selflessly and tirelessly for many efforts, and always keeping kids' best interests at heart before passing away on July 3, 2015.

Pat was instrumental in rallying the Whitefish community to understand the importance of the need for a new Whitefish High School, and ultimately helped to pass, overwhelmingly, a local bond effort leading to the construction of the new Whitefish High School.

Perhaps most importantly, Pat was beloved by many in town, is certainly missed by us all, and we will all continue to be inspired by Pat's example.
Jim and Lisa Stack
Whitefish, Montana

Jim and Lisa have been recognized for their many volunteer efforts and philanthropic contributions to the Whitefish community over the years. They have served for over 20 years on the Whitefish Lake and Lakeshore.

In their committee work, they always prioritize water quality and the protection of Whitefish Lake and local bodies of water. In December 2014, Whitefish Legacy Partners officially met its fundraising goal of $2 million to secure a permanent conservation and recreation easement on 1,520 acres in the Beaver Lakes area. The Beaver Lakes Conservation and Recreation Easement secures permanent public access, restricts development, provides continued forest management, ensures a significant stream of revenue to Montana schools and universities, and provides the Whitefish Community a quality recreation amenity known as the Whitefish Trail; and
In order to complete the fundraising effort for Beaver Lakes, Whitefish Legacy Partners received a large "mystery donation" from Jim and Lisa Stack. Their generous contribution of $85,000 capped the fundraising effort in December 2014 for the Beaver Lakes initiative.
Extra Mile Heroes of Huntington, Indiana With Mayor Brooks Fetters
Huntington, Indiana

Chris Elston & Huntington Robotics Club
Huntington, Indiana

Chris Elston and the Robotics Club in Huntington gave 403 Hours of Service with only 12 Volunteers in a five month timeframe this last year. They helped install, program, control, and “debug” the downtown Christmas Light Display in the city of Huntington. The display is synced up with music that people passing through can tune into their radio to watch the show and listen to the music as they drive through downtown Huntington. This is a very large project for the city and could not have been as successful as it was without the help of Chris and the Robotics Club. They are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season and will give another 400+ hours of volunteer service in the next few months. The City of Huntington is very proud of our Christmas light displays and we are very thankful for the expertise of Chris and the Robotics Club!
Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUM)- Marti Lundy (Pastor)
Huntington, Indiana

Marti Lundy is the Pastor at Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUM) in Huntington. Her congregation participates every summer in what is called, “Mission Huntington.” Mission Huntington is a service week program that serves the entire city of Huntington. This past year, 102 members of EUM church volunteered 1,479 Hours of Service. They cleaned up our city’s parks, painted, maintained trails, helped local nonprofit organizations in Huntington, adopted flower beds in the city to maintain, helped with park department program preparations, assisted the city fire department with the Home Fire Campaign, assisted in the City Children’s Christmas Card Display at the City Building downtown, and made care packages for homeless, and those in the hospital. (These are just the highlights!). The City of Huntington is very grateful for the hard work and dedication that EUM has for serving the residents of Huntington.
Memorial Hills Chain Rattlers Disc Golf Club
Huntington, Indiana

The Memorial Hills Chain Rattlers Disc Golf Club has gone leaps and bounds volunteering their time to install a disc golf course at Memorial Park, and has given 429 Hours of Service with 10 Volunteers to install a second course at Evergreen Park this past year. The Chain Rattlers have cleared sections of wooded areas to make trails for the course, poured concrete slabs, installed disc baskets, and signage. They have put a great deal of time into mapping out and designing the course itself as well. The City of Huntington and the Huntington Parks & Recreation Department is very grateful to the Chain Rattlers for all of their hard work and service.
Steven Friehofner
Barre, Vermont

Steven teaches English language skills to immigrants and refugees living in central Vermont. He has conducted workshops for Central Vermont Adult Basic Education staff and volunteers regarding best practices and techniques for those working with English language learners. Steven also offers English conversation classes at area learning centers. In addition to the classes, Steve continues to work one-on-one with several students and can often be found meeting with students at the local libraries.
Bob Nelson
Barre, Vermont

For decades, Bob has been a leader with the Barre merchants and downtown organizations. His rock cover band Native Tongue frequently offers free concerts to benefit local organizations and needs. In addition to his dedication to downtown Barre, he has mentored and coached both football and basketball for Barre Youth Sports.
Roy Somaini
Barre, Vermont

Roy served his community through municipal, church and community service committees and organizations, everything from the local hospital, Chamber of Commerce, homeless shelter and American Heart Association. As a cancer survivor, Roy was very active in support groups through the Vermont Cancer Survivors Network. As a Rotarian, he traveled to Romania where he worked at a local orphanage and with local officials. He was the recipient of the Rotary International Club Builder Award and to many he was the spirit of the Barre Rotary Club. We lost Roy in 2014, yet his spirit lives on in the work he did and the lives he touched.
Mark Tatro
Barre, Vermont

Mark’s dedication to local youth is exhibited through his service on the Barre City School Board, past youth mentorships, and service on the advisory board for the Technical Center. He is a Mason and a Lion, and has served in leadership roles in both organizations. He chaired the Heritage Festival Parade Committee for several years, served several terms on the CVTV board, and the Barre City Planning Commission. In 2011, he assisted flood victims in Barre and Berlin.
Barre Town Thunder Chickens
Barre, Vermont

The Barre Town Thunder Chickens may spend most snowy days on the trails, but their hearts are dedicated year round to the greater Barre area. The Club sponsors freestyle jumping events for the whole family, holds an annual snowmobile training and safety course for young riders, and has raised and donated more than $45,000 to benefit the Travis Mercy Skate Park at the Barre Town Recreation Area. Among other awards, the Club was named the 2009 VAST Club of the Year, and received the 2013 VAST Trails Administrator Award of Effort in recognition of its community-oriented focus.
Tammy Conforti, Kenosha Dream Playground Project Coordinator
Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Kenosha Achievement Center teamed up with Tammy and expressed their support and interest in adopting the project with a commitment to see the project to the end. From there, the Dream Playground Project was taken under KAC’s guidance and the partnership was announced to the City of Kenosha Common Council. KAC and Tammy reaffirmed their commitment to raise money and combine it with the city’s allocated budget to create an inclusive accessible playground in Kenosha.

Tammy has gone the extra mile and then some to ensure that children of all abilities have the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities available to them. The Kenosha Dream Playground officially opened on October 10, 2015.
Leonard Jackson & Kentay Varnell, Sr., Lincoln Park Basketball League Coordinators
Kenosha, Wisconsin

During the spring of 2015, the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Kenosha was the target of gang activity and vandalism which forced the temporary closure of the community basketball courts. In true extra mile fashion, Leonard Jackson and his son, KentayVarnell, Sr. contacted the Mayor with their idea to create a positive environment which led to a summer-long basketball league where children of all ages were able to enjoy Lincoln Park to its fullest. The season began with a game between members of the Kenosha Police Department and Kenosha Basketball Alumni.

A simple, summer basketball league grew to include hundreds of families whose sons and daughters were able to hone some skills while learning the value of competitive play and respect. Visits from notable area sports heroes, including Caron Butler and TraeWaynes, helped create a favorable lasting impression of Lincoln Park and its amenities.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Grounded by the solid belief that every person has the ability to recover, CenterPointe makes pivotal treatment available for people suffering from mental health and substance use disorders. Meeting people where they are and supporting them to gain control of their lives is what CenterPointe aims to do. By treating the whole person, mental health and addiction can be addressed together in real-time. This holistic approach, combined with open arms and open minds, distinctly sets CenterPointe apart. CenterPointe constantly push boundaries to find better ways in helping people be well and never gives up on the value of life.
Dr. Alan Goracke
Blaine, Minnesota

Dr. Alan Goracke is Founder and President of Hope for The Community, a humanitarian organization that has fed over 20,000 families over 1,000,000 pounds of food. Dr. Goracke serves on the city’s Planning Commission and Charter Commission as well as Anoka County’s FEMA Committee. In previous years he served as a chaplain for the Police and Fire Departments. Dr. Goracke is the senior pastor at Hope Church and has lived in city of Blaine for 24 years. He has a passion for serving and helping people in need in the community.
Mayor Harry LaRosiliere
Plano, Texas

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill
Mayor W. Howard Myers
Petersburg, Virginia

“Going the extra mile means doing more than what you have to, and doing it with an attitude of generosity, with a smile and an open heart of helping others. The City of Petersburg is doing just that on a daily basis for our residents and when our tourists come to visit us. We want to make sure our residents receive quality customer service and our tourists receive an excellent experience while in town. When you think of Petersburg, we want you to think of our great people, inviting city and somewhere where you always feel at home.”
Mark W. Eckert, Mayor
Belleville, Illinois

“The service and volunteer spirit of Belleville’s organizations and citizens are a testimony to the mission of the Extra Mile Foundation.”
Mayor Gina J. Noble
Stillwater, Oklahoma

“Going the extra mile, for me, is opening your heart to show someone you care by giving your time without expectation of receiving anything in return other than the satisfaction of helping brighten someone's day and positively impacting someone's life.”
Mayor Chuck D. Charles
Ashland, Kentucky

“Going the extra mile is a key component that helps to drive a city to success. It’s that extra effort when others say it can’t be done.”
Ashland, Kentucky Heroes
Ashland, Kentucky

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, CARes, Safe Harbor, King’s Daughters Medical Center, Paramount Arts Center, Poage Landing Days, Community Kitchen, Summer Motion, Winger Wonderland of Lights, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital and Bon Secours Health System, The Dressing Room, Foundation for the Tri-State Community, Marathon Petroleum Company
Gail Marinac
Blaine, Minnesota

Gail Marinac is an amazing extra mile volunteer. Gail has volunteered at many events including the Blaine Triathlon, World Fest, Family Fun Night, Princess Party, Winter Holiday Party, Spring Egg Hunt, Bike Helmet Sales, Safety Camp, Citizens Academy, Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, Food Shelf, and Red Cross Blood Drives at City Hall and throughout Anoka County. Showing her extra mile spirit, Gail is now becoming a volunteer for the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department.
Patty Sandin
Blaine, Minnesota

Patty Sandin provides extraordinary extra mile service. Patty has served at numerous events including the Spring Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Hunt, Princess Party, World Fest, Blaine Triathlon, Citizens Academy, 50th Anniversary Committee, Food Shelf, and Spring Lake Park/Blaine/Mounds View Fire Corps. Patty has also served at the Senior Center with multiple activities, including driving the senior bus.
Ingo Hoeppner
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Ingo “goes the extra mile” by creating activities around the city for teens in which they can spend time with their friends in a free, safe and inspiring atmosphere. Ingo’s kind words for all and fun-loving spirit embody the best of what Alamogordo has to offer. This commendation is tendered with the sincere appreciation of the City Commission.
Jim and Connie Rogers
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Jim and Connie are recognized for their years of commitment to the citizens of Alamogordo by managing and maintaining
The Twice Blest Thrift Shop which helps to fund numerous non-profit organizations and contribute to the quality of life in our community. Jim and Connie are examples of empowered community members who “go the extra mile.” This commendation is tendered with the sincere appreciation of the City Commission.
Cub Scouts
Westland, Michigan

On Extra Mile Day the Cub Scouts went door to door in Westland hanging bags on doors for residents to fill with food for the needy.
Lou Toarmina
Westland, Michigan

Lou is a Westland business owner, the Rotary Club President, and a long-time Red Cross volunteer. Lou always steps up to help out for charitable efforts.
Mike Londeau
Westland, Michigan

Mike is a resident who volunteers at nearly every City function. He is a member of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Council. Mike is a caring person and is involved in many charitable efforts.
Vic Barra
Westland, Michigan

Vic serves as the Wayne-Ford Civic League President. He helps in the community and is always first in line to volunteer.
Irene Robertson & Richard “Carp” Carpenter
Barre City, Vermont

Nonagenarian Irene Robertson and septuagenarian Richard “Carp” Carpenter have been delighting audiences for decades with their musical virtuosity on piano and saxophone, respectively. For the past several decades, they have volunteered their time and talents to provide free entertainment at senior centers and nursing homes throughout central Vermont.
Wayne Pelkey
Barre City, Vermont

Wayne Pelkey has contributed a lifetime of community service including positions on numerous town boards and committees, leader with the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers and Barre Area Development, and especially the Barre and Vermont State Jaycees.
Beth Mueller
Barre City, Vermont

Beth Mueller organized a weekly community breakfast program to feed the homeless. She has worked with area churches, the library, and social service agencies to ensure that there are warming sites available when the weather is cold for those who have no shelter. Beth serves on the Washington County Diversion Board, helping first-time offenders avoid re-offending.
Bob Sager
Barre City, Vermont

Bob Sager works tirelessly on behalf of the city, its residents and its downtown business district. Bob has at one point been (or is) on The National Main Street Program accredited Barre Partnership, (past president) The Barre Lions Club, The Barre Merchants Bureau (past president). He has sat on the City of Barre Development Review Board and is currently part of the Public Safety Review board to discuss a merger of public safety services in Central Vermont.
Barre Rotary Club
Barre City, Vermont

For the past two years, the Barre Rotary Club has led a group of citizens and members of other service clubs in cleaning up the downtown. Every Thursday evening they walk up and down North Main Street picking up trash and making our downtown more attractive and inviting.
Ken Lunde
Barre City, Vermont

The City of Barre is blessed to have a large area known as the Cow Pasture which is available to all area residents for recreational uses; hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, mountain biking. Volunteers serve on a committee that oversees the Pasture, including Ken Lunde, who spends significant time mowing in the Pasture to keep the trails open. A shining example of those who “just do it!”
Justin Speck, Artistic Director
Rapid City, South Dakota

Justin Speck (3rd from left) is the artistic director of Black Hills Community Theatre and Rapid City Central High School's theatre department. Speck has developed Central's drama club into one of the top student theatrical groups in the state. He also has won top ratings 10 years in a row with award-winning orginial plays and musicals.
Extra Mile Heroes in Huntington
Huntington, Indiana

They include (from left) Chris Kauffman, Jenna Strick, Rev. Richard Strick, Justin Barker, Phillip Marlow and Rev. Marti Lundy, with Allison Timbrook, the city's community engagement coordinator. Mayor Brooks Fetters is seated at the center.
Clay Thompson
Salina, Kansas

Mayor Aaron Householter presents the proclamation for Extra Mile Day to Clay Thompson, Chair of The Volunteer Connection Advisory Council, for his outstanding dedication and service to the Salina community and the North Central Kansas Volunteer Center.
Allan Wilson
Green River, Wyoming

Allan Wilson spent 34 years working for the City of Green River during which time he pioneered many projects for the community including the Green Belt and miles of walking and biking paths. Mr. Wilson still serves on the boards of many civic organizations and volunteers his time and knowledge whenever and wherever he can.
Dottie Krauss
Green River, Wyoming

Dottie Krauss is a superstar volunteer! She serves on numerous boards including the City’s Tree Board and the Airport Taskforce. Krauss also volunteers with the Main Street Agency and generously donates her time to the Senior Center.
Jeiremy Gomez
Green River, Wyoming

Jeiremy Gomez was instrumental in establishing the City’s new Thomas Moran Mining Memorial Park. He is currently the Chair of the Green River Arts Council and volunteers hours of his time setting up the River Festival every year. Organizers say “no matter the job, Jeiremy is there to help!”
Angela Shutran
Green River, Wyoming

Angela Shutran has served on numerous boards over the course of many, many years. Ms. Shutran currently serves on the Chamber of Commerce Board, the Community Chest and the Library Board. She is a forward thinker who always strives to improve the quality of life in her home town.
Joe and Armida Dominguez
Elgin, Illinois

On Oct. 22, Elgin Management Analyst Laura Valdez-Wilson said Armida, 73, and Joe Dominguez, 75, “carry a deeply rooted sense of service, dedication and sense of humor in all that they do, whether it’s as Downtown Neighborhood Association board members, working with Shared Harvest Food Co-op, volunteering at their church or at Advocate Sherman Hospital (where Armida once worked).”...

...As to why the couple gets involved, Armida said, “We enjoy the connection and meeting different people from many cultures. You learn that we are all so much alike, that there’s a basic humanity. Everybody wants to be loved and wanted, but you have to get out of yourself to do so.”
Youth United Way of Elgin
Elgin, Illinois

Another group recognized by the city on Oct. 22 was the Youth United Way of Elgin, which currently is made up of more 35 teens from five area high schools.

“In one year alone, these students have volunteered more than 4,000 hours for organizations such as PADS of Elgin, Community Crisis Center, Elgin Soup Kettles, and Centro de Informacion, as well as for events such as Volunteer-Palooza, the Green Expo, and Nightmare on Chicago Street,” Valdez-Wilson said. “They’ve even helped plant flowers outside of the Centre in the springtime.”
Elgin CERT and Elgin Fire Corps
Elgin, Illinois

On Oct. 22, Kaptain also recognized the Community Emergency Response Team and Elgin Fire Corps leadership team: Darlene Burnap, Ginny Goyer, Steven Palewski, Harry Rhoades, Doug Lane and Kevin Smith.

That night, Elgin Emergency Management Coordinator Karen Flanagan said of the volunteers, “They don’t just volunteer. They take time away from their families, their jobs, and their own lives because they choose to make a difference. Without hesitation they respond, often in the middle of the night. They don’t do it for accolades or awards — they do it because they care.”
Jack and Connie Heckathorn
Whitefish, Montana

Jack and Connie Heckathorn have contributed and continue to contribute an incredible amount of financial support and “sweat equity” to the Whitefish Community Library, including: decades of active library-related volunteering; planning and fundraising related to the construction of the new library facility; purchasing thousands of dollars of books, materials, and assets; offering their expertise in a variety of areas, and providing the vision to help the Whitefish Community Library be all that it can be for the community.
Shepherd's Hand
Whitefish, Montana

Shepherd's Hand, in addition to continuing to provide a free medical clinic and a free, weekly, community meal, began providing a free dental clinic in January, 2014. Each month, Community Meals serves over 500 meals, the Free Clinic services over 190 medical patients and 50 dental patients on average. In 2013, Shepherd’s Hand Free Clinic provided over $800,000 worth of services to the underinsured and uninsured. The commitment and dedication from the hundreds of doctors, nurses, health care providers, and volunteers is unmatched in the valley, and a true testament to Shepherd’s Hand’s commitment to helping those less fortunate and in need of a helping hand.
Worland Recreation District
Worland, Wyoming

The members of the Worland Recreation District provide invaluable recreational opportunities to the citizens of Worland young and not so young. They organize and promote baseball, soccer, football, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis and swimming programs. They purchase equipment, find sponsors and maintain facilities and grounds in coordination with the parks department, aquatic center and community center complex to everyone’s benefit. Individually and collectively they go the extra-mile!
Dr. Don Udell, Midwest City Jail Chaplain
Midwest City, Oklahoma

This Vietnam War Veteran has dedicated his life to the call of reaching lost souls through love and compassion and transforming them into people with hope for a better future. Since beginning his voluntary duties, the Midwest City Jail has seen not only a cultural change in our facility among the inmates and staff, but a declining recidivism rate. Dr. Udell’s full time jail minister, in conjunction with Friday afternoon services, and a mental health and substance abuse screening program is one of the best programs our agency has ever implemented. We are seeing long-term results because of Dr. Udell’s commitment to salvaging broken people and giving them obtainable steps to live a more productive and satisfying life.
Jeanne Chistolini, Greater Westfield Community Volunteer
Westfield, Massachusetts

For more than 35 years, Jeanne’s recordof exceptional generosity and dependable commitment as a volunteer in the Greater Westfield Community has been ongoing.

She has been the “go-to” person to share resources and get things done. Among these are: her generous volunteer work with the Westfield Woman’s Club, The Carson Center for Human Services, Westfield State University, Noble Hospital, The Abilities Unlimited Capital Campaign and Kamp for Kids™. Itis not just her volunteer support that is so impressive, but her warm and contagious smile, compassionate nature and willingness to get involved and inspire others to follow in her footsteps that continues to make the Greater Westfield Community a better place.
Don Podolski, Bicycling Advocate and Leader
Westfield, Massachusetts

Don had been an advocate for bicycling for decades, including being one of the earliest voices for the idea of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail. Don was the first Chair of FOCGRT and now serves as Director of Education. Don advocates locally for expanding safe bicycling opportunities, participates in conferences, and serves on the Joint Transportation Committee of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. Recently, Don supervised the completion of a Bikeability Study of Westfield completed by the statewide group MassBikes. Don is the organizer of the annual Great River Ride, an event that has for over 26 years provided bicyclists of all skill levels an opportunity to get out and enjoy the region.
Michael Franklin
Norwich, Connecticut

With his dedication and hard work, Michael Franklin has gone the “extra mile” for the City of Norwich by organizing the fireworks since 2010. The July 4th fireworks were not held that year due to the originator, Ron Aliano, passing. No one stepped forward to head up and coordinate this event, except for Michael Franklin. In 2011 Michael took charge of the newly formed Fireworks Committee and spearheaded the effort. The City of Norwich fireworks have been successfully held for the past four years.
Samaritan’s Purse
Toms River, New Jersey

Samaritan’s Purse provided disaster relief to our community in Toms River, New Jersey, immediately after Hurricane Sandy hit on October 29, 2012, and they continue to do so two years later. With over 10,000 homes damaged from high winds and coastal flooding in our town, Toms River needed massive help to get people back in their homes. Samaritan’s Purse stepped in with hundreds of volunteers to provide the physical and spiritual help that was needed. Today, they are still going the extra mile by providing their skilled-labor services to our residents and are one of the very few organizations who have stayed with us while the community recovers. After the initial response of cleaning out damaged property, the dedicated staff and volunteers from Samaritan’s Purse have now shifted their focus to provide expert trades and labor to rebuild and restore houses to needy families.
Kiwanis Club of Placerville
Placerville, California

The Kiwanis Club of Placerville donated playground apparatus, with a value of $30,000, to a new city park and organized work days at the park to clean the grounds, utilizing the local high school Key Clubs and Aktion Club from the middle school.
Extra Mile Heroes in Berlin, New Hampshire
Each HERO is introduced below.

Will O’Brien and His Team
Berlin, New Hampshire

Will O’Brien and his team: Scott Hachez, Patrick Chaloux, Cory Paradis, Craig Eichler, Lori Duclos, Alyssa Warner, Bill Gagne, Ben Gagnon, David Manikian, Caroline Manikian. This group did an amazing job planning, planting, weeding, and watering the gardens throughout the city. Each one takes great pride and care in helping to make the city a beautiful and clean place to enjoy.
Sylvia Poulin
Berlin, New Hampshire

Sylvia Poulin is an ongoing, driving force in the downtown initiative. Sylvia gives hours of her time and energy to spearhead the Downtown Day of caring to beautify the downtown and store front areas, and works tirelessly to support all of the Chamber sponsored events to encourage economic development in and around the city.
Diane Davy
Berlin, New Hampshire

Diane Davy, at her own expense, had a house demolished and replaced it with a beautiful flower garden.
Robert Platt
Berlin, New Hampshire

Robert Platt (posthumously) is honored for his foresight and hard work in the development of the Androscoggin Valley Regional Refuse Disposal District.
White Mt. Beagle Club, Paul Partenope, & the Lancaster Veterinary Hospital
Berlin, New Hampshire

White Mt. Beagle Club and Paul Partenope are recognized in conjunction with the Lancaster Veterinary Hospital. For over 25 years this group has helped the citizens of Berlin, as well as surrounding areas, access affordable pet care by offering rabies clinics at reduced prices, allowing people of all income levels to properly care for their pets.
Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce
Berlin, New Hampshire

Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce is at the heart of several significant events that are designed to bring pride and economic development to the Androscoggin Valley community it serves. The list includes, but is in no way limited to, Riverfire and Horrorfest, Jericho ATV Festival, The Lumberjack Festival and Competition, and Wingzilla. There is a core group of Chamber Directors and Volunteers that pour their hearts and souls into countless hours of preparation and events.
Extra Mile Heroes in West Jordan, Utah
Kirby Crump, Robert Kelley, Kelly Busenbark, David Lawrence, Michael Spor- Good Samaritans who rushed to an airplane crash and saved three people.

Kirby Crump
West Jordan, Utah

Kirby Crump was stopped at an intersection waiting for a green light when he saw a small plane disappear into the soccer fields and knew it had crashed. With traffic being light that morning and the urgency of the airplane crash, he ignored the red light and sped to the soccer complex and drove across the fields, right up to the crash where he helped pulled three victims to safety from the burning plane.
Robert Kelley
West Jordan, Utah

Robert Kelley, a Staff Sergeant with the Utah National Guard, was stopped at an intersection waiting for a green light when he saw a plane disappear into the soccer fields and knew it had crashed. With traffic being light on a Sunday morning and the urgency of the airplane crash, he ignored the red light and sped to the soccer complex and drove across the fields, right up to the crash where he helped pulled three victims to safety from the burning plane.
Kelly Busenbark
West Jordan, Utah

Kelly Busenbark was driving a little farther away from the soccer fields, but he also saw the plane go down and ran a red light to get to the crash to help.
David Lawrence
West Jordan, Utah

David Lawrence, a former firefighter and emergency medical technician, saw the plane crash and went running across the soccer fields to help. He used his experience as an EMT to assess the victims’ condition.
Michael Spor
West Jordan, Utah

Michael Spor had barely started walking his dog in the park when he saw the crash. He ran towards it to help. Once he got to the plane, he could see the flames around the engine and knew it wouldn’t be long before the whole airplane would be engulfed in flames. Thankfully all three victims were pulled safely from the wreckage. All three victims had broken backs and other injuries.
Gerry Kraynick, owner Kraynick’s Bike Shop
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Gerald (Gerry) Kraynick has been running a little bike shop on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood for years. He tirelessly helps diverse customers everyday. He has been helping kids learn to repair their bikes as well as providing them a place and tools to do so for a very long time. It empowers kids and teaches them that they can solve their own problems and thereby take control of their lives. He teaches daily bicycle commuters ways in which to maintain their bike. In addition Mr. Kraynick fixes up all the bikes that (Police) Zone 5 gives out to children during the Christmas holidays. He is an awesome dude.
Mayor Nancy Vaughn
Greensboro, North Carolina

Extra Mile Day is an opportunity to honor those in Greensboro and throughout the nation who are making a positive impact on our community every day. It’s also a great way to encourage others to be difference makers in their communities.
Mayor Kim V. Rolfe
West Jordan, Utah

West Jordan is the kind of community where residents continually go the extra mile to help each other. I see this service daily as I meet people who share their time and talents on behalf of making our community a great place to live and do business.
Mayor Anthony Silva
Stockton, California

Going the extra mile will bring you satisfaction, recognition and a chance to connect with others who share your work ethic and interests. Some of my greatest accomplishments have resulted because I went the extra mile.
Mayor Shari Winstead
Shoreline, Washington

As Mayor, I truly understand the benefit of collective action and how important volunteer contributions are to a City's overall well-being and health. There is no way we could provide or maintain the high level of quality services residents expect without the help of volunteers going the extra mile to make their community stronger. While many cities struggle to find people willing or able to step forward and volunteer, we are extremely fortunate here in Shoreline to have so many people dedicated to maintaining our parks and trails, working at keeping crime rates low, and preparing for effective emergency response.
Mayor Jackie A. Meck
Buckeye, Arizona

A special vibrancy exists in the City of Buckeye, Arizona. The residents collectively go the extra mile in personal effort, volunteerism and service. Our community encourages its citizens to maximize their personal contribution to the community and to make Buckeye a better place. We support the mission of Extra Mile America, and we are proud to be one of the 500 communities nationwide observing Nov. 1 as ‘Extra Mile Day'.
Mayor Paul L. Monette
City of Newport, Vermont

With the many positive changes coming to Newport, I would like to acknowledge the organizations and individuals for their dedication and hard work in improving our community. We are thrilled to be part of this national movement and would like to recognize these citizens, organizations and businesses who continue to make a difference not only in Newport but the surrounding area.
Mayor Jeff Meyers
Shawnee, Kansas

In my role as a mayor, teacher and coach, I know that it takes dedicated people going the extra mile to move a community and team forward. We cannot help but want to go the extra mile too when we witness those who go the extra mile day after day to make our communities, organizations, and teams great.
Cathedral City Boys and Girls Club
Cathedral City, California

Boys & Girls Club is an after school club that runs a number of programs for both boys and girls of school age. The organization wants to help children develop and reach their potential by engaging them in various activities offered by the club. The programs available are free of charge and every child can enroll in the activities.
The Cathedral Center
Cathedral City, California

The Cathedral Center assists all seniors, from the active to the homebound, by providing services that channel energy, relieve suffering and protect their health, happiness and well-being. The Cathedral Center serves the senior communities of Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage and the entire Coachella Valley.
Salvation Army
Cathedral City, California

One of the primary missions of the Salvation Army is to alleviate human suffering and address the economic, social, and emotional well-being of the low income and struggling individuals and families in California.

Volunteers and case managers from the Salvation Army try to empower people so they can become self-sufficient. The non-profit bases its various services and financial assistance on local community needs. They also partner with other non-profits and charities in addressing the needs of the low income.
Stepping Stones School
Cathedral City, California

Stepping Stones is a three-step program for struggling students that includes tutoring, counseling, college and career planning, community service, and mentoring. They have successfully helped hundreds of students get off the path of destruction and onto the road of success.
Darlene Violet
Massillon, Ohio

Massillon Museum
Massillon, Ohio

Lincoln Historic Theatre
Massillon, Ohio

Dr. Charles Paquelet
Massillon, Ohio

Henry Aegerter
Massillon, Ohio

Carol Fears, Volunteer Services Department - O'Fallon City Hall
O’Fallon, Missouri

Carol offers her assistance at O'Fallon City Hall in the Volunteer Services Department where she assists with an array of tasks, both routine and event-driven. It is she who tallies all volunteer hours and updates the record books. Carol also creates and maintains special event files, archives newspaper articles, files professional publications, maintains a list of current inventories, and prepares packets and materials for volunteer orientations. Her organizational skills are deeply valued, as her efforts allow staff to focus on coordinating support for national service days, city-sponsored concerts, holiday activities, and other programs. On weekends, Carol can be found at Assumption Church in the hospitality area before and after services, as well as at funeral luncheons offering her assistance, comfort and support to bereaved families.

Carol truly exemplifies extraordinary community service through her active participation in helping others and through the unparalleled support she provides to the community of O'Fallon. Carol is an extraordinary woman.
Carmen Santos, O’Fallon community
O’Fallon, Missouri

Carmen Santos has become an active member of the O’Fallon community over the years. Carmen regularly participates in large-scale environmental projects throughout St. Charles County, including several at Busch Wildlife, Missouri’s First State Capitol and the Lewis & Clark Boathouse (and most recently, here in O’Fallon!). Carmen tutors students at several different elementary schools in O’Fallon, oftentimes being assigned those children who are enrolled in the English as a Second Language Program or who are struggling with more than just their schooling.

Carmen has also mobilized her neighborhood to become more involved in the environment. Having adopted a stretch of road near her subdivision, she encourages, organizes and leads her neighbors – families and children alike –in regular clean-ups, of not just the roadway but also the creek that follows alongside the road. She has instilled a sense of pride in her local community, as well as an understanding of the importance of a clean and safe environment.
Emily Williams
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of library volunteer Emily Williams, for her tireless efforts to fundraise for the library through storing, cataloging and selling books.
Diane Tanner
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of community member Diane Tanner, for her years of service maintaining the gardens around the municipal building.
Gisela Alpert
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of Milton Artist Guild President Gisela Alpert, for working on the public art space at the Hannaford plaza and other contributions.
William Kaigle
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of Historical Society member Bill Kaigle, for his service to the community through that group and the Artist Guild, and for designing and installing the new town welcome signage and wayfinding signs at the municipal building.
Louis Mossey III
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of Lou Mossey for his service on the selectboard, Regional Planning Commission and other commissions over the last decade and longer.
Annette Preiss
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of Annette Preiss for her contributions towards setting up the Memorial Garden at the Municipal Building.
Amy Cook
Milton, Vermont

The Town of Milton acknowledges the "extra mile" efforts of Amy Cook for her service to the community through the Artist Guild, her work on the public art space at Hannafords, and her other contributions.
Preble High School – The Hive Students
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The school was given the "Individual Community Youth Leadership Award" - youth that demonstrates out-standing service to the City of Green Bay Wisconsin.
Bob & Pat Borucki
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bob and Pat were given the "Advancement of Literacy Award" This award is given to an individual or group of individuals who have made significant contributions to combating illiteracy because reading and success are inextricably linked. And, those who read well and widely throughout their lifetimes are much more likely to achieve success and satisfaction in life.
Jonathan & Patricia Olson
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Jonathon and Patricia were given the "Residential Urban Renewal Award". This award is given to an individual or group of individuals who have revitalized substandard, decadent or blighted open areas for residential purposes.
Ned and Lindsay Dorff
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Ned and Linsay were given the "Environmental Sustainability Award". This award is given to an individual, business or organization that demonstrates environmental leadership, has innovative best practices, and further contributes to the vision of the City of Green Bay being the greenest, healthiest, and most livable city in the nation.
Associated Bank – Phil Flynn
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Phil is awarded the "Investment in the Business Community Award" which is given to a partner in the Green Bay business community who has helped to build a more resilient community, diverse workplace, and create a more stable future for us all.
Steve Vanden Avond
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Steve is awarded the "Government Relations Award" to honor his extraordinary contributions to the advancement, quality and effectiveness of government relations for the good of the Greater Green Bay Area.
Dr. Mark Harlow
Rapid City, South Dakota

We will be honoring Dr. Mark Harlow for his dedication to many different organizations within this community including his work with the Cornerstone Rescue Mission as well as the Special Olympics. His compassion and unselfish devotion to so many make him very worthy of this honor.
Mac Stephens
Euclid, Ohio

Dana Heil
Euclid, Ohio

Beth Elersich
Euclid, Ohio

Kevon Smith
Euclid, Ohio

Pet Pals
Euclid, Ohio

The Hunger Center
Euclid, Ohio

The Euclid Hunger Center is a non-profit (501c3) organization that exists for the sole purpose of providing quality food staples and grocery items for needy Euclid residents.

A small army of dedicated volunteers, led by a part-time manager with assistance from a part-time bookkeeper, raise funds, pick up purchased and donated food from the Cleveland Foodbank and several other sites, sort those items and distribute them twice weekly from Room 17 at Shore Cultural Center, 291 E 222nd Street, Euclid.
Holly Huff
Elyria, Ohio

Holly Huff has taken a lead-citizen role in helping our Administration transform the City of Elyria. She has a history of not just bringing issues to our attention, but also bringing solutions to turn those issues that turn them into opportunities. Whether it’s binding together individuals from her neighborhood into a united Watch, or organizing volunteers to reform the properties of demolished houses into beautiful, fruitful community gardens, Holly Huff continues to go above and beyond to make the City of Elyria a better place to live.
Renate and Bill Sperber
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Renate and Bill Sperber have volunteered about 200 hours annually over the past five years (300 hours in 2013!) to improve native habitat in Purgatory Park in Minnetonka. Their efforts to control buckthorn and garlic mustard, two nasty invasive species that degrade and suppress native woodlands, have made a significant difference for Purgatory Park.
Jean McSwiggen
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Jean McSwiggen has led the Minnetonka senior program’s exercise class three times a week for 29 years, as an unpaid volunteer. This is an estimated 225 hours per year – 6,500 hours total. The program serves hundreds of seniors, allowing them to stay active and healthy.
Liz Ogren
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Liz Ogren, founder of the Pedal and Roll for Parkinson’s organization, worked with the city to develop the recumbent bike program at the city-owned Williston Fitness Center. The bike program benefits individuals with Parkinson’s and other disabilities.
Ron Kamps
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Ron Kamps is an active volunteer and board member with the local ICA foodshelf. He also volunteers with the local Minnetonka Diamond Club, and has written several grants for funding of new youth sports fields and amenities for the club.
Steve O’Neil
Duluth, Minnesota

Steve O’Neil’s servant leadership in the Duluth community was set apart by Steve’s exceptional humility, compassion, and reciprocal respect from the entire community. A champion for people facing adversity and marginalization, Steve saw the value of each and every person and worked from a foundation of genuine care and deep faith. Steve’s life and legacy exemplifies the kind of leadership, service, activism, and advocacy it takes to make meaningful change. Duluth lost Steve O’Neil this year, far too soon.
Susan Guess
Paducah, Kentucky

Susan Guess started the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation and has raised about $30,000 to date to educate about and prevent bullying. She hosted the international art project “inside out project” in Paducah to raise the faces and voices of 10 girls who have been bullied. She serves on the Not in Our Town national board and has been featured in a CNN story and an article for Huffington Post.

Susan brought bullying survivor and author Jodee Blanco to Paducah for 4 days. She spoke to 6000 kids in grades 4-12 and to educators and ended with a free parent seminar. She is the co-chair the Mayor’s Anti-Bullying taskforce for Paducah and the surrounding McCracken County.
Rita Bailey
Paducah, Kentucky

Rita Bailey, a registered dietitian at Lourdes for 29 years, has been awarded the 2013 Kentucky Layperson Community Service Winner. She won the award for her work in making Lourdes Dancing with Our Stars Kentucky’s largest grossing fundraising event. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Through Rita’s vision and steadfast dedication and leadership, this dance competition has grown exponentially from $16,000 in 2007 to an extraordinary $239,000 in 2013. This achievement has led Lourdes Relay For Life team to be awarded in 2012 as the #1 team in Kentucky, the #2 team in the Mid-South Division, the #4 team in the world.
Betty Dobson
Paducah, Kentucky

In 1999 Betty co/founded the Upper Town Heritage Foundation with Sheryl Cooper to save the condemn Hotel Metropolitan from demolition. For the past 14 years she has worked to restore the Hotel Metropolitan, a segregation era hotel into an African American museum and B & B. Betty volunteers at the Hotel Metropolitan and portrays a character named Maggie Steed at schools, churches, civic organizations and for the guest of the hotel. Maggie built the hotel in 1909 during a time when women had no rights. Betty’s goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire all Paducah visitors.
John Williams Sr.
Paducah, Kentucky

In 2006, John received the Governor's Technology Award as the individual who most deserved to be recognized as a leader in technology innovation in Kentucky. Williams was the first-ever recipient of Murray State University’s Telecommunications Systems Management Department’s Entrepreneurship Award, and the university further honored him by naming the award the John A. Williams Entrepreneurship Award. In 2009, John was the recipient of the Dr. Gene Wells Ray Telecommunications Systems Management (TSM) Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics Hall of Fame. Also in 2009, the Paducah Area Chamber presented him the Summit Award for leadership in education and poverty. Currently, John is serving on the Governor’s Tax Reform Commission and serving as co-chair for the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute for School Principals.
The City of Hayden Veteran’s Commission
Hayden, Idaho

Our city’s Veteran’s Commission, under the leadership of Wayne Syth, has been a powerful form of community unity. They are active not only in organizing our Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day activities each year, but also many other celebrations as well. The level of volunteerism and the impact that they have on this community is beyond measure.
City of Greeley-Fire, Police, Water & Sewer, Public Works, Culture, Parks, and Recreation Departments and Public Information Staff
Greeley, Colorado

The Mayor would like to offer his gratitude to these departments for their heart, dedication, and going above and beyond during the recent flood.
John Tate
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

John is a retired Citizen dedicating his photographic talents for the updating of the City of Pine Bluff’s Website.
Harold Terry
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Harold is a restaurant owner and founder of Music on Main, which is a monthly event that features outstanding musical entertainment. The event is free and is family-oriented. The event is held to bring the citizens of Pine Bluff an evening of talented musicians sharing their music.
Tom May, Simmons First National Bank
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Tommy May was among the most-admired chief executives in Arkansas even before he became the embodiment of grace under pressure by continuing to lead his company for more than six years - and counting - after being diagnosed with a disease similar to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Since that diagnosis in December 2005, Simmons First National Corp. - the parent company of Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff and seven other, smaller bank charters in Arkansas - has grown by more than 30 percent. The bank has remained profitable despite sluggish loan demand during and after the Great Recession and the federal takeover of the student loan business in which Simmons had been particularly active. He continues to support a variety of initiatives to improve the city.
Dr. Laurence B. Alexander, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Dr. Alexander is the 19th administrative head of the institution since its founding in 1873 and the ninth Chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). Prior to coming to UAPB, Alexander served as the Associate Dean of the University of Florida (UF) Graduate School, Director of the Office of Graduate Minority Programs, a Distinguished Teaching Scholar, and a Professor in the Department of Journalism. At UF, Alexander chaired the Graduate Curriculum Committee and directed more than 20 student development and funding programs at UF. He also led initiatives sponsoring research for undergraduate students and preparing them for graduate studies. As a Professor, Alexander taught more than 10,000 students. He has received significant awards, honors and recognition for his research and undergraduate teaching.
Dr. Linda Watson
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Dr. Linda is the Superintendent of Pine Bluff School District. She continuously and passionately supports the city's educational initiatives.
Jay Pagluica
Westfield, Massachusetts

Jay has volunteered for over the past two decades for numerous non-profits throughout Greater Westfield. Jay has served on the Amelia Park Children’s Museum (APCM) and the Annual Penguin Plunge and puts in countless hours coordinating audio and special events for the Plunge making it a professional and exciting experience for all involved.

When Jay volunteers his audio/lighting services he is consistently the first person to arrive on scene and last to leave, ensuring that the schedule of events begins on time and without glitches along the way.
Clare Fouche
Westfield, Massachusetts

For over sixteen years, every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, clients coming into the Westfield Service Center of The Salvation Army have been greeted at the front desk by Clare Fouche. She makes everyone feel welcome with combination of compassion and respect.
Hickory, North Carolina

Ms. Peggy Shuford and Ms. Elaine Young are the founders of PORCH. People Offering Relief From Community Hunger is a non-profit organization. PORCH feeds many school children by providing families with bags of food for the home. PORCH now has as many as 60 volunteers. Thanks to the efforts of PORCH many school children are now not going to bed hungry at night.
Edward Rogers
Hickory, North Carolina

Edward serves on several Boards at his church A.M.E. Zion Church. Many times Mr. Rogers will mow lawns for people who are unable to take care of their own lawn, free of charge. He is a mentor to many young men in the Ridgeview Community.
Dr. Brian Vierling
Hickory, North Carolina

Dr. Vierling began to involve himself in the Hickory YMCA program in 2004. The travel soccer program has existed at the Hickory YMCA since 2004, yet had only one team in 2007. Dr. Vierling volunteered to run the program in 2008. Through Dr. Brian Vierling's leadership, the program has grown to an elected board of eight volunteers, approximately 30 coaches, and a budget of about $40,000. His efforts have paved the way for many young people to have the opportunity to play on teams that otherwise would not have gotten to enjoy the experience.
Paul and Margaret Miller
Wichita, Kansas

Both in their mid-90s – have become best known for leading recycling efforts in Wichita. Sedgwick County Citizens for Recycling was started in 1989, and in 2004, a 23,000 sq. foot building was opened as the Pro Kansas Miller Recycling Center in Wichita. The Millers still volunteer at the recycling center every day it’s open (3 days a week), collecting over 1,200 tons of recyclables a year. In addition, Paul Miller helps provide home health care for a 99 year old disabled woman, and Margaret Miller spends two days a week volunteering at the Wichita Library.
Philip W. Blake
Wichita, Kansas

Philip is an 89-year-old World War II veteran who has raised over 1 million dollars in order to pay for long term maintenance of Wichita’s Veterans Memorial Park and other local veterans’ monuments. Mr. Blake wrote and published a book, “They Paid the Price: A Guide to Veterans Monuments in Wichita, Kansas”, with the proceeds going to an endowment to maintain the memorials for generations to come. The Mayor of Wichita proclaimed Philip W. Blake Day on September 13, 2011. Mr. Blake is currently leading a campaign to raise money by selling name-engraved paving bricks for war veterans that will be used in a walkway at the new World War II monument that broke ground on July 9th, 2011, located at Veterans Memorial Park, overlooking the Arkansas River.
John and Patricia Spiech
Mahwah, New Jersey

John and Pat have each given over 50 years of service to the Township of Mahwah. Both Pat and John have served on numerous Boards and Committees and have been involved in many initiatives over the years that have benefited the residents of Mahwah. They both continue to give selflessly for the betterment of the township.
American Legion Post 59
Christiansburg, Virginia

This organization of military veterans volunteers time and effort to sponsor an American Legion Baseball Team for high school youth in our area. This organization does an annual recognition of all Boy Scout Troops in Christiansburg and works closely with the Scouts in placing American flags on the graves of veterans for the Annual Memorial Day celebration. They raise money for Virginia Boys and Virginia Girls State each year. Volunteers of the American Legion work closely with Christiansburg High School to organize a Veteran’s Day Parade with several high school bands. They honor veterans with a luncheon that day in addition to honoring them on the downtown Town Square.
Kiwanis Club of Christiansburg
Christiansburg, Virginia

One of the most active civic clubs in our area. Kiwanis initiated the Sand Lot and Little League football and baseball programs before urging the town to create a Recreation Department. Kiwanis continues to provide playing fields for children and adults of our town. This organization provides monies to insure that school children have supplies for school and donates money to purchase shoes and jackets for children whose parents cannot afford these items. All of this club’s efforts and fund raising goes to benefit children of our town.
Christiansburg, Virginia

This is a church sponsored college organization dedicated to assisting the local community and providing services to citizens. They volunteer to help the town with town sponsored activities and often go into the community helping local citizens with painting, cleanup, mowing and other needed chores. This group is instrumental in making the annual Wilderness Trail Festival a success by assisting vendors and other participants with unloading trucks, assisting with clean-up, and assisting with traffic.
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Christiansburg, Virginia

This energetic and dedicated organization has 332 senior volunteers. They recognize our military veterans and provide assistance to military families as well as collect & distribute food and clothing to folks in need. They provide Medicare counseling for seniors and service 79 non-profit and health organizations. Many of the RSVP members serve as mentors to school children and volunteer to assist teachers in our public schools.
Knights of Columbus
Christiansburg, Virginia

This organization assists with the collection of food and clothing for people of the community who have suffered due to the recent recession. They hold fund raising events to assist anyone in need.
Mayor Stephanie Scott
Haines Borough, Alaska

Citizen initiative and volunteerism is the backbone of many Borough functions, including the public library and the museum, but it goes way beyond that. Volunteers in Haines provide hospice services, organize cultural events, serve on our many government advisory committees, are public officials...the list goes on and on. We treasure them and are delighted to acknowledge Nov. 1 as Extra Mile Day in the Haines Borough.
Mayor Don Ness
Duluth, Minnesota

Going the extra mile is about challenging ourselves with constant reflection on how we are serving our communities. It’s about servant leadership, meaningful partnership, and continually giving toward a better future for everyone.
Mayor Holly C. Brinda, M.P.A
Elyria, Ohio

Science teaches us that nothing is ever really created or destroyed, but almost anything can be changed. The catalysts for transforming our community, our country, and our world are the individuals who stand up, stand out, and go that extra mile to make those changes happen.
Mayor Gary Christenson
Malden, Massachusetts

I look forward to acknowledging the residents and organizations that go the extra mile to help their friends and neighbors. The day is not only to recognize those who go above and beyond in volunteerism and service, but to also remind each of us that we too can make difference in our community.
Mayor Alden M. Smith
Oneida, New York

The City of Oneida experienced a major flooding event on June 28, 3012, and is still dealing with the after effects. It was uplifting to see so many people volunteer to help those who were affected. When individuals put their own self-interest and their own means aside, that’s going the extra mile.
Mayor Dan Helix
Concord, California

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and magic in it.” - Goethe

It’s not a personal quote but is one that strikes me as meaningful, especially in going the extra mile in public service.
Mayor Len Pagano
St. Peters, Missouri

The City of St. Peters has so many volunteers who go the extra mile. Our volunteers make it possible to offer fun events for families and important services to honor our veterans. They make it possible to host local, regional, statewide and even national sporting events at our world-class St. Peters Rec-Plex. They help pick up litter and clean our streams. They help our City staff provide more services and save taxpayer money on a daily basis. What's best of all is that our volunteers do this selflessly with a team-first attitude because they care about our community. Their can-do spirit is priceless to the City of St. Peters!
Mayor J. Scott Padgett
Concord, North Carolina

As Mayor of the City of Concord , I am pleased to declare November 1, 2013 as “Extra Mile Day” to acknowledge the power we each have to create positive change in our families, organizations, and communities.

City coworkers have been “Going the Extra Mile” in their commitment to excellent customer service. We have adopted Nine Principles of Excellent Customer Service that reflect positively in their service to coworkers and to our citizens. We regularly recognize those that go “The Extra Mile” in providing these services.
Mayor Richard A. Moccia
Norwalk, Connecticut

As the City of Norwalk endured the effects of Hurricane Sandy as well as winter storm Nemo during the past year, the power of two storms could not compare with the force of citizen volunteers coming together to help one another recover. Finding shelter for neighbors who lost homes; providing warm refuge for those who endured week-long power outages during February, our city experienced remarkable volunteerism from individuals, churches, charitable organizations and corporations large and small—everyone, it seemed to me going the extra mile to ensure their neighbors were cared for in the aftermath of devastating storms. We hope nature spares our City in the year ahead, but will look back on the year past as one in which our citizens demonstrated a care for one another that was stronger than hurricanes or blizzards.
Mayor David J. Kaptain
Elgin, Illinois

To me, going the “Extra Mile” can take many forms. It certainly includes the volunteers who give their time at local not-for-profits, churches and school events as well as the volunteers who serve the community through their leadership on local boards, neighborhood organizations and commissions. But there are also many unrecognized heroes who go the “extra mile” on a daily basis- those who do odd jobs for their elderly neighbors or pick up trash while taking their daily walk. Everyone has something to give back to their community in one form or another. If we all went the “extra mile” just think how far we could go.
Mayor Maggie Stock
Butler, Pennsylvania

Lots of people help with projects, but only a few "go the extra mile" to see projects to completion. Those recognized this year have committed countless hours, personal resources, and generous hearts to make Butler an even better community.
Tom Panei
Butler, Pennsylvania

Butler Downtown board president and coordinator of free summer concerts at the West New Castle St. Plaza, a "Pavement to Plaza" project where hundreds of community members gather each weekend.
Jill Kraus and Julie Dandoy
Butler, Pennsylvania

Members of the Shade Tree Commission, these "mulch mavens" coordinate volunteers to maintain the Main Street trees and city plantings, working long hours in all kinds of weather.
Chris Zeigler
Butler, Pennsylvania

Butler city Bicycle Commission and Butler Freeport Trail president, organizes Friday night bike rides and spearheads the volunteer work on the trail.
Denny Offstein
Butler, Pennsylvania

Butler business man who convinced the community to donate more than $ 100,000 in less than a year for the police department's first K-9 unit of two dogs.
Mayor Jim Schmitt
Green Bay, Wisconsin

I appreciate all the citizens of Green Bay who go the “Extra Mile” in lifting the lives of the community through their efforts, volunteerism, and service.
Mayor JoAnn M. Faiella
Port St. Lucie, Florida

In Port St. Lucie, we are so thankful for the many people who volunteer their time and talents to make our community a better place. Their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ makes a big difference in our lives, and I’m glad to see there is an organization to help remind us of their value. We never want to take them for granted, and we owe them all the support we can give.
Mayor Bruce Rose
Wilson, North Carolina

Wilson, N.C., benefits tremendously from the efforts of those who volunteer, who serve, who go the extra mile. All of us working together makes this a great place to work, live and raise families.
Mayor William C. Laforet
Mahwah, New Jersey

There is something central to our community and that is our gift of going the extra mile. We have seen over and over again Mahwah residents simply taking the time to help others and elevate worthy causes. It's what defines Mahwah and going the extra mile.
Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson
Gary, Indiana

Going the extra mile is what describes my work ethic as I serve the citizens of Gary, Indiana. They deserve the best government and leadership that their tax dollars can buy, and we work hard every day to deliver.
Diane Lesneski Auger, Friends for Tomorrow
Boston, Massachusetts

In 1994, Diane started Friends for Tomorrow, a therapeutic horseback riding program to help physically and emotionally challenged children. Soliciting the donation of a single horse, a riding site, and discounted board and feed, Diane began her program with just 3 participants. Today, the program has grown from that single borrowed horse to a flourishing and well-respected national program that serves 44 students annually…with a significant waiting list. Parents witness miraculous change in their kids. They boast that their child’s self-confidence is raised…muscles, flexibility, balance, and posture are enhanced and strengthened… communication attempts are increased…and the young rider’s mind and body explode with an experience that connects them to the world in a deeply moving fashion.

“When I was a teenager, I saw a young boy…around 12…approach the horse he had been spending time on. The boy had never been able to communicate words until this one special day where he got next to the horse’s face and whispered, ‘Thank you.’ Seeing something like that changes a person’s life.”
Sacramento Children’s Home & Mount Saint Vincent Home
Sacramento, California and Denver, Colorado

Two organizations with virtually similar missions…Sacramento Children’s Home and Mount Saint Vincent Home in Denver…have been helping children in need since 1867 and 1883 respectively. Sacramento Children’s Home provides a host of programs to abused and at-risk children. The Home reaches over 3,500 kids in the Sacramento area each year. Mount Saint Vincent provides services for children with a wide range of emotional problems that prevent them from reaching their ultimate potential. The Home has helped over 18,000 children since its inception.

Starting as orphanages, both organizations have molded themselves to meet whatever needs the changing years have required. Today, both organizations stand as national leaders.
Mindy Derr, Fore Hope
Columbus, Ohio

She quit her job. She left her financial security. She invested every cent she had into building a viable organization capable of supporting the handicapped to get back out on the course. In time, energy, money and personal sacrifice, Mindy gave the mission her all. Over twenty years later, Mindy Derr’s Fore Hope is going stronger than ever. She has linked up with the Professional Golf Association and Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial Golf Tournament in a big way. Never once in the whole creating process did Mindy ever think small. What started as one person’s challenge to help the disabled get back on the course has turned into a national model in physical rehabilitation programs.
Creighton Wong, Challenged Athletes Foundation
Oakland, California

Any of us who have struggled to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes for just one day a week can relate to the sort of positive energy it takes just to get off the couch. But Creighton does more than the casual 20 minute treadmill spin. He swims a mile. He rides a bike for 25 miles. He then runs for another 6 miles. The swim…the bike ride…the run…he does them all together, one after the other. Oh…and by the way…Creighton Wong is a congenital amputee. Being born without a right leg, and missing two fingers on his left hand and three fingers on his right hand, is no big deal to Creighton. He doesn’t over analyze the situation and think, “I can’t do that.” He never feels sorry for himself and wishes things were different.

“Sure there were times when the bad days outnumbered the good; when the failures outnumbered the successes. But in every failure is an opportunity to learn, and I’ve learned two things: How to fall. And how to pick myself up. ”
Tom Tuohy, Dreams For Kids
Chicago, Illinois

The Dreams for Kids start has its roots planted in a simple act of giving. On December 24, 1989, Tom and a dozen volunteer friends visited a Chicago homeless shelter. At the shelter were 54 kids who, it seemed, Santa had forgotten. But he really hadn’t. Santa just needed Tom Tuohy to drive him there.

It was on that “miracle” night, a commitment was made to follow through every year with the same giving attitude. It was on that night, Dream for Kids was born. Since that first evening when the 54 children were treated with great food and presents, 28,000 kids have been impacted by the Dreams for Kids mission. And now this organization has a presence in over 30 countries. Dreams for Kids not only serves the homeless and underprivileged through its annual Holiday for Hope program, it also reaches out with its Extreme Recess program to children who are developmentally and physically challenged.
Steveanna Wynn, SHARE Food Program
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SHARE, led by Steveanna Wynn, serves as the ultimate “neighborhood mom” feeding the “neighbor kids.” SHARE earns this “mom” title because they take care of providing food to 550 food distribution centers a week. And…as the process unfolds…these “kids” (the churches, schools, shelters, and community centers) then reach out with their dinner bell to the poor and homeless in their communities.

It all starts with what goes on in the 1,700 square foot cooler space, the 3,000 square foot freezer, and the 70,000 square foot giant warehouse which serves as the largest food pantry imaginable. Then once the cooler, freezer, and pantry are stocked from local food vendors, the SHARE delivery truck starts rolling. Yes…THE truck. There is only one. One truck or not, if there is a food shelter anywhere close to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Metro New York, New Jersey or the Maryland Eastern Shore, chances are pretty good that the food originated from SHARE. Six staff…a big pantry…one truck…2,000 volunteers…and 100,000 happy families.
Roxanne Black, Friends’ Health Connection
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Roxanne is the creator of Friends’ Health Connection...an organization built from the heart. Roxanne doesn’t just “match up” people for love or business…she connects people who are in a far more life-threatening situation. They are physically sick…some very. In being a special matchmaker, Roxanne provides individuals with a friend…a kindred spirit who can relate with what they are individually experiencing. And in that, the seeds of empowered hope and support are planted and watered. Roxanne has facilitated thousands upon thousands of relationships for people who needed support at…maybe…the worst time in their lives.New Brunswick, New Jersey
Ruth Leacock, Computers 4 Africa
Omaha, Nebraska

I’ll tell you, it’s pretty hard to ignore Ruth and her mission. I mean, c’mon…really? Who believes in their cause enough to drive around town with GIANT mouse ears on top of a car? Ruth Leacock does. It’s because this super energetic grandmother loves Africa that darn much.

The mouse ears on the car? It’s symbolic. Her and her co-creator (husband Tim) have been on a mission to send refurbished computers to Africa. The mouse ears on top of the car that she boldly drives around in is her way of saying that even a simple computer mouse can grow up and have big dreams. Like going to Africa. Computers For Africa has sent over 1,850 computers to Uganda. Those computers have served 117 schools and benefited 60,000 students.
Brad and Libby Birky, The S.A.M.E Cafe
Denver, Colorado

First, Brad quit his job in the computer world. Libby then followed leaving the classroom. Their 401K was cashed out. They walked away from financial security risking everything. But they had a dream.They wanted to serve people. They wanted to make amazing food. They wanted to open a restaurant… SO ALL MAY EAT. And they didn’t want there to be prices on the menu. No prices.

You pay what you can at the S.A.M.E. Cafe, and if you can’t pay anything, you volunteer cleaning tables, sweeping up, or washing dishes. Please understand, this is not a place to eat designated specifically for those with little money. It is a place for everybody. It is for families, for business people, for those without jobs. It is a place for those struggling and for those not struggling. Brad, Libby and the S.A.M.E Cafe are serving up to 180 people for lunch five days a week.
Raynia Kinniston
Sacramento California

At age 99, Raynia had volunteered at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, California since April of 1960. Over 50 years and 50,000 documented volunteer hours. Phew!

Why did Raynia choose Mercy Hospital? Because it represented her life. Her son and two grandchildren were born there. It’s where she was when she got the news that her son had died. Her husband died there, too. Her friends’ had so much of their happy news…and sad news…stem from there. “I just want to be here with people when they get their news. I just want to support people.”