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Extra Mile Day 2017 Proclamation

WHEREAS, (city, state) is a community which acknowledges that a special vibrancy exists within the entire community when its individual citizens collectively “go the extra mile” in personal effort, volunteerism, and service; and

WHEREAS, (city, state) is a community which encourages its citizens to maximize their personal contribution to the community by giving of themselves wholeheartedly and with total effort, commitment, and conviction to their individual ambitions, family, friends, and community; and

WHEREAS, (city, state) is a community which chooses to shine a light on and celebrate individuals and organizations within its community who “go the extra mile” in order to make a difference and lift up fellow members of their community; and

WHEREAS, (city, state) acknowledges the mission of Extra Mile America to create 575 Extra Mile cities in America and is proud to support “Extra Mile Day” on November 1, 2017.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor of (city, state) do hereby proclaim November 1, 2017 to be Extra Mile Day. I urge each individual in the community to take time on this day to not only “go the extra mile” in his or her own life, but to also acknowledge all those who are inspirational in their efforts and commitment to make their organizations, families, community, country, or world a better place.