Empowering Positive Change...
One Extra Mile Attitude, Word and Action at a Time.

What does it mean to "Go the extra mile"?

Going the extra mile is doing more than the normal…more than expected. It is how change is created in ourselves, our organizations and in our communities.

Going the extra mile is extending ourselves in our service, attitude and efforts. Going the extra mile is getting back up after we’ve been knocked down despite whatever has happened and saying, “I still choose the very best for myself!”

When we go the extra mile in life, possibility opens up. It always does. It is one of those great laws of success masked in a simple “cause and effect” principle…add value to receive value. When we go the extra mile…

In our careers… we launch forward. We experience our best jobs…and our best paychecks.
In our relationships… we find harmony. We experience our greatest friendships and love.
In our communities… we serve a greater number. We experience the greatest sense of selflessness.
In ourselves… we find happiness. We experience the greatest transformation.
In our encouragement… we find joy. We experience what it feels like to bring out the best in someone else.

Now is the time to take a personal look in the mirror and ask ourselves:

“What can I do differently? What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to ‘go the extra mile’”?