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Business Challenge!

Here's your chance to be a corporate community leader! Build massive "feel good" points with employees, encourage team building and truly make an impact as a business in your community…all in one! Get your employees out into the community serving and volunteering!

1. Allow 2+ paid hours a month where you support your employees volunteering. Choose a list of 3-5 local organizations whose mission you believe, and give your employees a chance to add their skill and energy into promoting that organization's cause.
2. Give a "Volunteer Difference Maker" of the month award for all employees who volunteer over 11 hours a month with an organization…or extend the award each time to employees who reach a commutative 111 hours. (The number is only significant because Extra Mile Day is 11/1.)
3. Do pro-bono work as a team for a special volunteer organization in your community.
4. Reach out and let the local media know what you are doing. Challenge other business owners in your community to match and beat your effort!

If there is any way Extra Mile America can donate our time to support YOU… we will! Need us to help get you some positive local media coverage with your community challenge...and we will!